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About us

KItchenstar innovative in the culinary world since the early 1980s. With its range products more efficient, they have revolutionized the market for meat grinder in the 2000s. This new technology more powerful multifunctional chopper have quickly distanced itself from its competitors. Power and speed are its main objectives.

The company specializes in a wide range of culinary products such as déshidrateur to food, convection oven, butcher equipment such as digital scales, chopper Commercial and other meat. All range of products for sale kitchenstar occur in all branches of our retailers and electronics market.

For many years, KItchenstar demonstrated innovation in the culinary field. With a new range of products more efficient and more affordable than ever, they are revolutionizing the market for meat grinder. KitchenStar is also proud to now offer products that meet the specific needs of the hunter. Power and reliability make KitchenStar a leader in the growing field of cooking. KItchenstar place the consumer at the heart of its product development and is always on the lookout for ideas emerging from the last.

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